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Cheers to a new wine chapter< 0.5% ABV
Cheers to a new wine chapter< 0.5% ABV
Cheers to a new wine chapter< 0.5% ABV
Cheers to a new wine chapter< 0.5% ABV
Zeronimo Leonis Blend on grey background ready to enjoy

Worlds first 98 pt. wine to be dealcoholized

Enjoy this dry, aromatic, old-world-style Austrian wine that is rich in flavor and multi-layered. Handcrafted from an award winning family-owned winery, Heribert Bayer  is the first to dealcoholize a 98 point wine! This wine was created for those who savor the moments when we pair wine with food and great company. Premium Wine. Infinite Possibilities. Choose the Champagne-style, extra brut sparkling with charcuterie, caviar and friends. Experience a world’s first with the aromatic, textured red wine that saw 2 years in new French oak, and captures the heart of wine lovers.

"The ZERONIMO wines are by far and away the best dealcoholized wines I have tasted in the last four years of actively searching. Katja and Patrick from ZERONIMO in Austria have cracked the NonAlc (NA) red wine code and created a new industry standard. When I took the first sip of ZERONIMO Leonis Blend red, I knew I wanted to be a part of the ZERONIMO story and let people know that the elusive NA red we’ve been waiting for has been found."

Zeronimo Leonis Blend on the Beach
Joshua James with Zeronimo Leonis Blend on the beach

They said it had never been done. They told us we were crazy. We believed in it. We kept going.

From a soul’s desire, to the beginning of ZERONIMO

Three years ago, Austrian winemaking couple Katja and Patrick, of the family winery Heribert Bayer, delved deep into non-alcoholic wines during Katja’s pregnancy. They realized there were no options that could satisfy their wine palate, nor any stunning pairing partners for great food. So, they wondered, “Can it be done better?” With their belief and approach that excellent non-alcoholic wines can only stem from excellent alcoholic wines, they embarked on their first dealcoholization test. They selected their best red wine, “In Signo Leonis,” that was recently awarded 98 Falstaff points. The result? A product that is etched into non-alcoholic wine history.

ZERONIMO = infinite possibilities

World class wine & culinary heritage

Austria’s famed handcrafted wine and food culture in a glass.

Straight to the wine and food lovers’ heart

Complex, dry, and textured layers for the wine and food pairing experience.

Authentic aromas & patented technology

Dealcoholization through vacuum distillation and patented aroma recovery.

Pure, organic & healthy

Vegan, low-calorie, low-sugar, no additives, and rich in resveratrol and antioxidants.

Exceptional food pairing experience

Quintessential dining companion that frames dishes in a charming way.

Limitless without compromises

Savor as much as you want, whenever you want

Come back again

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