Leonis Blend

SRP 375 ml:
$ 38.00
SRP 750 ml:
$ 69.40

Available Formats: 375 ml | 750 ml

Vineyard: Neckenmarkter Hochberg | Central Burgenland | Austria Highlight
Age of Vineyard: +70 years
Category: NA red wine  (< 0.5% ABV)
Varietal: 60% Blaufränkisch, 20% Zweigelt, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon
Vinification: 2 years in new French Oak
Dealcoholization method: Vacuum- Destilation + Aroma Recovery

Tasting Profile: Old world style | dry | multi-layered aromas | dark berry fruits | wood and  forest floor flavors | secondary aromatics of dark cherry and fig leaf
Serving Tips: 58° F | Burgundy Glass | Decant in glass or decanter for best expression.  1-2 hr
Food Paring: Umami forward dishes, grilled/smoked meat + fish + vegetables, Truffle, Pasta, Pizza

"Zeronimo Leonis Blend is going to change the world of AF wines. It is by far the best non-alcoholic red wine in the world because it has all this funk and old-world style that wine lovers have fallen in love with in the past, but hasn’t existed in NA until now. It took a 98 pt wine to be dealcoholized so it could have unmatched texture and aromatics with notes of sweet dark cherry, forest floor, oak spices and a long finish.”

Joshua James with Zeronimo Leonis Blend on the beach

Wine description

Fruity finesse, refreshing aromatics with a polished elegance, tart flavors, and noble oak spice. ZERONIMO Leonis Blend presents wine without alcohol on a whole new level. Juicy on the palate, with subtle blackberries paired with rose hips, cranberries, a hint of bergamot and sweet dark t cherries. The scent of orange zest, bitter chocolate, a touch of black tea, fine oak spices and a touch of vanilla are charmingly combined. This finesse-rich composition is rounded off with a charming freshness and elegantly integrated tannins. The palate always feels light-footed, silky and tightly knit – the taste experience is complex, noble with the highest and finest red wine character. The tension between subtle elegance and complexity works magically and makes Zeronimo Leonis Blend a wonderful pairing partner that perfectly complements dishes.

Did you know?

The foundation for this premium NA red wine from Austria is the award-winning red wine blend In Signo Leonis (98 Falstaff Pts). It is the first ever dealcoholized 98 pt wine in the world. The vineyards of the grapes belong to one of the oldest in Austria that are over 70 years old. The first vintage of ZERONIMO Leonis Blend 2020 was rated as the best non-alcoholic wine of Germany and Austria and was sold out after just two months after its release. 

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